Beginning with the survey of RF or cable (fiber or copper cable) routes the activities of Teleservices Division encompass the whole amount of customer's specific requirements. Time bound tasks are planned to execute the projects .

       Bamacom know-how and expertise facilitates preparing authentic proposals and obtaining necessary Right of Way approvals from statutory bodies. Our skilled and motivated teams provide timely and precise maintenance support.

Site Preparation
  • Site survey, site negotiations and site acquisition
  • Assistance in statutory clearances
  • Infrastructure set up including supply of infrastructure items, as per customer requirement.

Planning, Analysis and Design
  • Evaluation and selection of technologies / solutions
  • Site evaluation considering RF coverage aspects
  • Area identification and network layout
  • Frequency planning
  • LOS/ Feasibility checks
  • Link budgets and RF propagation analysis
  • BOM finalisation as per link budget analysis

Installation and Commissioning
  • Microwave and other wireless related systems
  • Lines and Antennas
  • Power systems
  • DWDM and SDH Network elements
  • Other Telecom systems like PMRTS, Telemetry/ Tele-control systems /Fiber.
  • Installation and commissioning of GSM / CDMA equipment
  • Installation, commissioning and alignment of MW hops
  • Installation of MSC and BSC equipment
  • Installation of Transportation equipment like SDM, micro SDM etc.
  • Installation of WiMax or Wifi equipment
  • Installation and commissioning of IBS equipment
  • Installation, commissioning and NOCC testing of VSAT / Satellite Earth station equipment
  • Cable assembling. (RF, VF, Power, E1 cables etc) for military vehicles
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of broad band radios, survive lance cameras
  • Provision of networking solutions.
  • Provision of Resource Engineers for Installation & Commissioning of BTS/BSC/MSC/MW equipments.

Optimization and Monitoring
  • System performance monitoring
  • Traffic engineering
  • Hand over analysis
  • Interference analysis

Drive test and field measurement analysis.

       The rack for the installation of indoor unit and other equipment will be installed in the equipment room by grouting the bolts in the floor. The rods will be used if additional support is required

Installation & Commissioning of Multiplexers in MSC, BSC and Cell Sites
  • Installing the mux in the rack and powering up from DC Distribution Box.
  • Installing The NVM (Non Volatile Memory) cards in the Mux.
  • Installing The DCDB in the rack.
  • Power tapping from rectifier to DCDB.
  • Installing the tributary cables from mux to Digital Distribution Frame.
  • Kroning the E1's in their respective krone modules (Tx, Rx).
  • Labeling the krone modules like Tx's and Rx's, and tributary cables.
  • Earthing the rack, and mux, from the earthing bar (less than 1 ohm) in the shelter.
  • Commissioning of mux.
  • Giving IP Address for DCC and Ethernet for management purpose.
  • Checking all kroned E1's with giving local loops from PC by using Bit Error Rate (BRR) Meter.
  • Checking mux Tx power of all out ports.
  • Checking the transmitting power of both the optical ports using power meter.
  • Checking mux receiving sensitivity of optical ports by using variable mechanical attenuator.

Earthing System

       The earthing system is designed to achieve the uniform earth resistance of less than 1 ohm at the site. The grounding system consists of the following Sub Systems

       Earthing pits - 4 no, one for lightning protection of tower and equipment shelter, one for the electronic equipment inside the shelter, one for the DG neutral earth and one for the DG body earth

       Earth conductor runs from the lightning protection system, Principal ground bar maintained as reference in the shelter for electronic equipment, DG neutral and DG body to the respective earth pits.

Operations and Maintenance

       We at Operation & Maintenance Division endeavor to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, quality and responsive solutions for the Operation & Maintenance requirement in the telecom industry for proper implementation of SLAs. Our customers' commitment is our commitment. Not only are the services provided by us are cost effective but also in line with the customer expectations and satisfaction level, hence we are able to get renewal and extension of the projects of O&M received by us. The teams provided by us are project specific and are well trained with the specific skills required for Operation & Maintenance in the telecom industry.

       With this expertise in the background we are in a position to provide A TO Z solutions in Operation & Maintenance in telecom industry


  • Carrying out The O&M activities Pertaining to BTS and OFC
  • Coordinating and Interacting with Customers for facilitating quality service delivery from time to time
  • Project Team Management
  • Raising invoices with relevant certified supporting documents in time
  • Realization of payments
  • Getting customer appreciation by focusing on customer satisfaction
  • Bamacom provides engineering services for setting up telecom networks. Our services cover the entire scope of the project; from understanding the customer communication requirements to designing, installing, commissioning, optimizing and maintaining the network and equipment. Our turnkey solutions offer customer the choice from one or more of our services to meet the communication requirements. We ensure optimal system performance and customer satisfaction even after completion of the project.

  • We are here to provide services for design, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and operation of telecommunication network and enterprise solutions.